Eye Tech FX is located in Eugene, OR just minutes from U of O. and is the first school of its kind to offer a complete training program on the painting of special effects contact lenses for the entertainment industry. The 6 day course will cover all aspects of special effects contact lenses and be limited to just two students per class.

The instructor for Eye Tech FX, Kevin Carter, has more than 20 years experience in the colored contact lens industry. He got his start in the contact lens business while a teenager when his uncle had him help out cutting contact lens blanks in northern California. Kevin was later hired and taught how to color contact lenses by his father. It was during this time that his artistic skills were put to work. He would go on to start the hand painted contact lens departments for the two leading contact lens coloring labs in the US, before starting his own company with his wife Ginni. His contact lens designs have been seen in over 200 films and television shows. Chances are you've seen some of his work.

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